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WelcomeAre you looking for your worst fears to come true ?


The fear continues this season at Fear Crops, Fear Forest's second attraction. An interactive haunted hay

wagon ride where you shoot zombies, and they shoot back! As you travel on the wagon through the

crops, you are faced with zombies out for the kill. Then find your way out of the corn maze, with scares

and thrills along the way... don't get too distracted or you just might not make it out!


We've grown more than just a corn crop at Fear Forest, and we've kept it contained...but not for long!

This interactive zombie laser experience is sure to keep your pulse pounding


Redesigned for 2016 Season!!


The attraction cost is $13.00 per person. You can purchase a Combo Ticket for both Fear Forest and Fear Crops for $18.00. Consult our schedule page for special offers or coupons.


This year at Fear Forest only the trees can hear you scream...but at least at Fear Crops you have a chance to fight back!