Fear Forest

Harrisonburg, VA

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to your most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Fear Forest in Harrisonburg, VA.  If you still need some help, please PM the Facebook Page or reach us by email with your specific request.

When are you open?
Please check out our calendar and like us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Is there an age limit?
We do not recommend children under 12 go through, but it is up to the parents.  Parents should know whether their child can handle the experience or not.  Our staff will not scare children who are in obvious distress.  Children under 16 must have at least one adult in the group.

Can I purchase individual attraction tickets?
No. Individual attraction pricing is not available.

How many are allowed in a group?
Groups should be no bigger than 8 for Fear Crops and Fear Forest.  Group size can be larger, but bigger groups tend to miss a lot of the action and that is not fair to them.  Groups for the Fear Factory can be no larger than 6 people.

What if I catch up to the group ahead of me?
We recommend that groups walk at a steady pace upon entering.  To keep the flow of visitors moving we must send groups in seconds apart.  Some groups get scared and run, some groups slow and stop.  We CAN NOT control every groups pace!  You may catch up to another group at some point during the attractions.  Keep walking at a steady pace to avoid bottlenecks.  If you must stop, move over to allow other groups to pass.  Take obvious cues from our monsters…if they are standing in front of you it may just be to slow you down so you don’t see what’s ahead.

Is it scary? Will I have fun?
YES!  We strive to give everyone who attends a good time.  If you aren’t scared we hope you enjoy the “chickens” of your group.  Remember, you are paying for a fun experience.  Bad attitudes only lead to having a bad time. 

How long is the wait?
We cannot accurately predict wait times. We are an extremely popular local Halloween attraction, open a limited amount of days for the Halloween season.  Come expecting long wait times (HOURS).  Remember, non-seasonal theme parks open full schedules may have a three hour wait for less than one minute rides!

How long does it take to go through?
The Fear Crops attraction takes roughly 15 minutes.  Fear Factory is approximately 10 minutes.  Fear Forest is a four tenths of a mile haunted trail – it should take 20 minutes to complete.  This is all based on a steady walking speed, and approximate.

Can I wear a character mask?
No, you may be mistaken for one of the actors.  Costumes are allowed.

Are you open if it rains?
It depends!  We are a strictly outdoor attraction.  Wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.  If we should have to close due to weather we will post it on our Facebook page. 

If there is a weather related closing, once I have purchased tickets will I get a refund?
No.  If there is a weather related closing, your tickets will be honored any other day that Fear Forest is open during the current season. We do not offer refunds.

How do I buy tickets?
Tickets are available at the ticket booth – CASH ONLY.  You must arrive a half hour prior to close to ensure you have time to take the wagon ride form the parking lot to the ticket booth.

Do people touch you?
NO!  All of our actors are instructed not to intentionally touch the customers.  However, there are confined spaces and accidental touching may occur.

What should I wear?
This is an outdoor attraction. Shoes must be worn at all times. No high heels, flip flops or sandals. Dress appropriately for the weather – you will be outside and exposed to dirt, darkness, hay, and rocky paths.

Where are you located?
Use this address for your GPS: 6340 Oak Shade Road, Rockingham VA  22801. For more detailed information, visit the directions page.

Is there public transportation available to your haunt?

Is there food available?
Yes, food is available for purchase in the entertainment area. Hot dogs, hot and cold drink, etc…

Are there restrooms?
Yes, we have porta-johns located on the premises.

Is there parking?
Yes, parking is available.  Our parking area is in a hayfield and subject to the weather elements.  Please be advised if it has been raining, two wheel drive vehicles may have some difficulty.

Do you accept Credit/Debit Cards for onsite ticket purchases?
No, our event is cash only to prevent card processing fees.  There is an ATM onsite. 

What is a VIP ticket?
A VIP ticket offers you a shorter wait. If you want to shorten your wait, you can purchase the VIP option for $55.00 at the ticket booth.

Are there strobe lights and fog machines?

Can I go in if I am pregnant, have medical conditions, or disabled?
Fear Forest is not recommended for customers that are pregnant, have heart or lung conditions or are in general poor health.  The natural terrain of Fear Forest limits the accessibility for attendees with walking disabilities, therefore it is not recommended for persons needing assistance by crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs.  Service animals are not admitted due to the unfairness of submitting the animal to the type of startling environment.  Private tours may be scheduled during non-operational hours.  

Do you have a lost and found?
Yes. We cannot guarantee that we will find everything, but if you lose something, please contact us.  Be sure to secure cell phones and wallets in zipped pockets if at all possible.

Can we be thrown out?
Yes. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc… 
We will not tolerate negative behavior towards our Crew.  Please BE KIND!

Will I be able to leave if I get too scared?
Yes.  We will do our best to accommodate you but you may have to continue on the path until there is an opportunity to exit.  A crew member may walk you out. Please be advised, however, that there are no refunds. 

What is the best time to arrive?
Hay wagons start running at 7 pm to the ticket booth. Arrive a half hour prior to closing to catch the wagon to the ticket booth.

Can I drop off my child and come back later to get them?
No. We do not offer babysitting services and are not able to monitor unaccompanied children.  Please be advised that you are responsible for the actions of your child. Groups of children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in the attracions.

How can I contact Fear Forest?
The best way to reach us is by email or Facebook Messenger.  We are a seasonal event open a very limited number of nights in October, and do not have a full office staff.  We are not always available by phone during operating hours because we are working the event.  We will do our best to return reply’s from messages as soon as possible.

Who owns Fear Forest?
Fear Forest is owned and operated by a local family.  We are a husband and wife team (with a young child J)  who have great support of our immediate family and friends.  This is a labor of love and we spend the majority of our summer weekend hours with an extremely small team prepping for the season.  We are all employed in the local community and do this as extra income to support our family and farm.  Please remember while we love Fear Forest – it is not our life, but we will do our best to make it a memorable and fun experience for our guests.