Fear Forest

Special Events

  • Friday Oct. 1st OPENING Night!! – Join the Q101 Crew from 7:30 - 9:30 for a Live Broadcast. 
  • Wednesday Oct. 27 – Generations Crossing Benefit Night – A portion of ticket sales will be donated to Generations Crossing.  Generations Crossing is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services for adult and child day care.  This unique program offers the special opportunity for adults and children to develop meaningful relationships with all ages within our loving, intergenerational setting. 


We do not sell tickets to individual attraction. This season we will only be offering one ticket option to all three events.  This will allow for smoother flow at the ticket window and through the attractions.

General Information

There are three attractions at Fear Forest accessed by a courtesy hay wagon ride from the parking lot. With three attractions available, concessions, and a bonfire there’s plenty to do to have fun filled Halloween experience. 

Consult our Facebook page for weather related closings in the case of rain.

We are located outdoors and operate by the full moon . . . Come Prepared!

  • Wear warm clothes (hat and jacket).
  • Wear shoes suitable for walking through uneven trails outdoors. NO Flip Flops!

Our parking area is a non-paved field on the property.  Please keep this in mind if it has been raining proceeding opening as ground conditions maybe wet/muddy. If capacity is reached for the evening we may need to turn away guests. We will post updates to your Facebook page.

No backpacks or bags allowed!  No weapons allowed!